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Ann, Kayla, Chelsey and Lexie's pictures received universal praise, and while Kendal's photo was deemed as not doing justice to her beauty, Diane would still hire her in an instant.

In the end, Terra landed in the bottom two, but it was Anamaria's lack of regard for how thin she was that got her eliminated.

In the end, Tyra handed the last photo to Liz, sending Rhianna home. While a majority of the girls stumbled through the catwalk, Kacey was deemed the best, and was awarded Lisa Freede jewelry.

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A large majority of girls were satisfied by their new looks, except Liz and Terra, who were both averse to having a shorter hairstyle.

Contestants included sisters Chris and Terra – the first sibling contestants since Amanda and Michelle (Cycle 7). The girls were split into categories as defined by the fashion industry – "quirky," "sexy," "strong bone structure," "browns," "blonds" and "brunettes" – and were tasked to stand out from their competition.

Kacey, who had been a semi-finalist from Cycle 11, and Vanessa Johnston, Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2009 Were some notable participants shortly after the episode began. Tensions rose when Kacey instigated Lexie to verbalize Jordan's supposed lack of desire for the competition, when it was in fact, just a misunderstanding, causing Lexie to be deemed as malicious by some of the girls.

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Several changes were made to the show in a bid to place greater emphasis on high fashion, including a lineup of prominent fashion industry guest judges as well as a change in prizes.

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