Secretfriend com feeds chat model

While Instagram has since jumped on board the filters and Stories train, Snapchat still stands out as the OG app to send fun photo and video streaks to your friends that disappear after they've been viewed.

However, even though individual messages vanish after they're seen by the recipient, your feed still keeps a record of the last people you chatted with listed by date.

Some fan sites had forums where posters could exchange Secret Friend codes.

Toons became Secret Friends by exchanging a code (called a "secret").There were two methods of telling other toons codes in the game: Speed Chat and Estate. " [G] Jump seven times [7] Jump five times [5] The other toon would then understand the code was yr2 g75, input the code, and both toons would become Secret Friends with one another.To communicate a code using Speed Chat, toons would say Speed Chat phrases that began with the same letter as the letters in the code. Another way to communicate codes was to buy many paintings (or other furniture) and use them to spell out letters and numbers on a wall in your house." and then type into the chat, which would show up as animal noises to the non-Secret Friend.If the other player understood that the animal noises represented chatting, he or she would say, "OK." As of 2007, it was against the Toontown Online rules to exchange codes in-game.

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