Sdsu speed dating

The other aspect of the SDSU Conference that stands out is all the wonderful friends I’ve made.

The only thing I clearly remember about my very first conference was meeting Mary Leo.

Laurenne introduced me to her friend Simone Pond the next year at SDSU, and now Simone is crushing it as an indie author of YA sci fi. There’s always something more to learn, or a fresh twist to expand your thinking on a topic. This conference attracts top industry professionals, and I love that the consultation are 10 minutes long.

I don’t write high concept stuff; I can’t pitch my literary memoir in a two-minute speed-dating situation.

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I was a single 20-something living in New Hampshire.At the same time, my husband and I were trying to adopt a toddler from India, a process that went wrong in a hundred gut-wrenching and complicated ways.Ultimately I spent 18 months living in Hyderabad, India, spending time with a little girl named Haseena at the orphanage every day, only to lose her when Indian activists shut down adoption in the state of Andhra Pradesh.I won Conference Choice awards a few times, and as Erin Quinn [conference director] says, that’s always a nice “atta boy” moment.More recently, at the 2016 conference, Sarah Smith of the David Black Agency read some of my memoir at an Advance Reading appointment.

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