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Using the contact information owned by al-Qahtani, it was possible to identify additional contact information for him and identify several accounts linked to these email addresses and phone numbers.

He has a Linked In Premium account under the name “saud a” (al-Qahtani’s middle name is Abdullah), where he describes himself as a “headhunter” based in Saudi Arabia.

On July 5, 2015, this correspondence was unknowingly exposed by a hacker using the handle “Phineas Phisher,” who stole and published approximately 400 gigabytes of Hacking Team’s internal documents, source code and emails.

Third, al-Qahtani is shown to own the email addresses in the Hacking Team dump as well as a previously unreported mobile phone number — 966 — that also appears in the leaked Hacking Team emails.

Fourth, al-Qahtani’s activity on Hack Forums is examined in detail.

Fifth, a previously unreported network of web infrastructure used by al-Qahtani for malicious purposes is identified and analyzed.

Sixth, the contact information shown to belong to al-Qahtani in section three is used to uncover additional details about his online footprint, including his creation of fake social media profiles.

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