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Stories of devil-worshippers existed in the middle ages and later but were largely folkloric and did not describe genuine religious practices.However, there have been a few branches of religious belief which involve the worship of Satan.But at least it's not another crappy found footage film.The production values on this movie are pretty good...

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Time collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.Hughes and Ebersole speculate that had she lived, Mansfield may have been rediscovered by arthouse auteurs like Fellini or American independent filmmakers, or perhaps by a transgressive artist like Waters.For her part, Mansfield emerges as a sympathetic figure.tracks the bizarre and tragic events that occurred after the actress began associating with Anton La Vey, the high priest of the Church of Satan.After La Vey supposedly put a curse on Mansfield’s then-boyfriend, Sam Brody, her divorce attorney and de facto manager, a series of misfortunes beset them.

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