S2u2 clock not updating

Although we’ll be updating a second generation Kindle Paperwhite in this tutorial, the same technique we’ll guide you through works on all the different Kindle models.The first and foremost step is that you identify which Kindle you have in order to ensure you’re comparing the right software version for your model and downloading the appropriate update.(If the “Update Your Kindle” option is grayed out, that means the Kindle was unable to locate the file; confirm you placed it in the root directory and try again.) After your Kindle reboots (don’t be concerned if it takes a minute or longer to finish rebooting and updating), repeat the version check process by looking in the Device Info menu.You should see an updated version number, and, with newer Kindle operating systems releases, you can even read the release notes right on your device by tapping the “More Info” button: Your Kindle is now up to date with the latest features and you didn’t have to wait for the device to automatically update over the air.Once you’ve double checked your serial number against the list, it’s time to grab the actual update files.

If your Kindle is linked to your Amazon account ,simply log into your Amazon Content and Devices dashboard and click on the “Your Devices” tab.Select the Kindle you want to update and read the notation beside it, like so: In the case of the Kindle I’m interested in updating today, the first four characters of the serial number are B0D4.You can also find the serial number by turning your Kindle on and looking in the Settings Device Info menu.But maybe your Kindle stopped updating for no reason (like ours did), or maybe you’re just in a rush to get the latest and greatest features.Whatever your reasons, you don’t have to wait for Amazon to roll that update out.

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