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Using Windows Authentication (also known as integrated security) is a more secure way to control access to a database. Fill(data) Return data End Function Storing sensitive information, such as a password, within the connection string can affect the security of your application. Dim adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(select Command, connection String) Dim data As New Data Table() data. Empty End Sub Private Shared Function Get Data(By Val select Command As String) As Data Table Dim connection String As String = _ "Integrated Security=SSPI; Persist Security Info=False;" _ "Initial Catalog=Northwind; Data Source=localhost; Packet Size=4096" ' Connect to the database and fill a data table. For more information, see Protecting Connection Information. Form Private With Events data Grid View1 As New Data Grid View() Private binding Source1 As New Binding Source() Public Sub New() ' Initialize the form.

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column, its value is tested for validity by checking that it is not empty. The following code example demonstrates how to use the User Deleting Row event to cancel the deletion of rows from the Data Grid View if the starting balance row is included in the selection.This example is part of a larger example available in the Selection Changed event.Kind regards, Martin Vasilev the Telerik team Registration for Q1 2011 What’s New Webinar Week is now open.Mark your calendar for the week starting March 21st and book your seat for a walk through all the exciting stuff we ship with the new release!

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