Robert wagner and stefanie powers dating

Powers recalls her first encounter with Holden at a New Year’s Eve party thrown by Dominick Dunne and his wife Lennie, to which she was taken by her friend, costume designer Moss Mabry.

While Mabry went to fetch drinks, leaving Powers alone for a few moments, she turned to come face to face with Holden who introduced himself, “Hi, Bill Holden.” After wishing her a happy New Year he moved on.

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She was known for The Girl From Uncle (1966) or Hart To Hart (1979) depending on your vintage.Powers was divorcing her husband Gary Lockwood and was a free agent.Holden was already divorced from his wife Brenda Marshall and there was nothing to stop them.Powers recalls that in spite of their relative unhampered situation he remained discreet and behaved like a gentleman.When she accepted his invitation to go to Hong Kong he reserved rooms next to each other but not connecting as, she writes, “He never wanted me to feel pressurised or obligated in any way.” She wasn’t and the romance began.

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