Robert smith and siouxsie sioux dating

He was the drummer of the influential band Siouxsie and the Banshees (1979–1996) and its side-project The Creatures (1981–2004).In 2010, Budgie has created a new project called The Butterfly Effect: East-West Percussive Parade with percusionists Leonard Eto from Japan and Mabi from South Africa.

The line up has been all over the place in 30 years with Robert Smith being the constant factor and other members having more than one stint in the band All rights reserved and no part of this website may be reproduced without written permission - please see terms and conditions for details.Morris's drum stool was filled by Budgie from the Slits who later became Sioux's other half.The Banshees went from strength to strength and effortlessly sold out Friars in 1980.All photos copyright mike o'connor except where specifically stated and used with permission. Guitarists for the band have included Marco Pirroni, Pete Fenton, John Mc Kay, John Mc Geoch, John Valentine Carruthers, Jon Klein, Knox Chandler and also Robert Smith of The Cure who also worked with Severin as the band The Glove.

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