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"It could be a buddy's sister who jumped in the photo, not the woman who wants to jump into bed with your husband," she says.

Always talk to your spouse in person about anything online that bugs you.

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"Everyone needs personal space, both online and offline," says Spira. People rarely have pure intentions when they seek out exes, says Orlando."While you might share a toothbrush, a little privacy and mystery is good for a marriage." So even if you know each other's logins, you should feel like you never have to use it. His simple advice: "Defriend, disassociate, disengage." That's because the protection of the Internet allows for more forward conversation, points out Karen Sherman, Ph D, relationship specialist and author of .Seeing what an old friend is up to, though, is part of the fun of Facebook, she adds.On the flipside, if you're uncomfortable that your husband is friends with an ex, bring up the subject."Let him explain why they're friends," recommends Spira.

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