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J.-C., période Umm an-Nar), fouillé entre 1985 et 2011 par le Joint Hadd Project, compte parmi les vestiges d’habitat les plus remarquables de la région, et représente un site clé pour l’étude des populations est-arabiques.

Neo Arabia is an interdisciplinary and multi-scalar project, dealing with the very long term of the Arabian Neolithic (6200-2800 BC).

Focused on environments and the mobility of coastal human communities, it intends to test the societal resilience at scales from the site to the region, using socio-environmental scenarios.

In this region, highly productive marine environments, favoured by coastal upwelling, compensate in part for relatively limited inland resources.

This had a number of climatic, hydrological, and biological effects, at scales from the local to the regional, which to date are only partially known and understood.

Our main objective is to highlight the role of climate as a per long term forcing factor on the coastal environments of Arabia.

Julie Goy, Sterenn Le Maguer-Gillon, Charly Poliakoff, Hervé Monchot, Vladimir Dabrowski, Charlène Bouchaud, Pierre Lombard, Carolyne Douché, Neef Naturwissenschaften, Michèle Dinies e Routes de L' Orientreq_and_ready(['wow_profile', 'work_edit'], function() { var dispatcher Data = if (true) $('.js-work-strip[data-work-id=29122141]').each(function() { if (!

Les autorités ont restreint les droits à la liberté d’expression et d’association, s’appuyant sur des procédures juridiques entachées d’irrégularités pour suspendre des journaux et arrêter, poursuivre et condamner des journalistes pour des motifs pénaux et administratifs.

For this case of slated soils with high clay content, the relative permittivity is strong but in agreement with both experimental data at lower frequencies and theoretical models reported in the literature.

This will be achieved by testing whether perennial coastal occupations simply represent a sustainable development for the Neolithic communities during periods of climatic and environmental change (given the availability of marine resources, as their great geographical spread in the tropics - from Somalia to Pakistan, or from Portugal to Senegal – tends to demonstrate .

This is an hypothesis that still needs to be proven, as previous assumptions tend to favour seasonal coastal mobility during the Neolithic or question it.

Harriet Crawford presents a scholarly and up-to-date account of the archaeology of the Arabian Gulf from c. It offers a new interpretation of the structure of society in the Early Dilmun period (c.

2000-1700 BC) using material from the recently excavated site of Saar ...

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