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Linda Chung, who has always attracted numerous male artistes, previously rejected playboy Raymond Lam and "lady killer" Ron Ng’s good intentions, and decided to invest her love in herself, and no other.Linda has always maintained an innocent and young image, and on the 10th of May, she was found to have dumped rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng, going out with a "new boyfriend" (Mr. Unexpectedly, they were caught red-handed, and shocked until they could not even eat their meal, and ran off quickly.

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Recently there was a crying scene in [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] that once again caused the drama to increase rapidly inpopularity points, and Linda Chung, who is seen as this year’s new TV Queen,recently started a new relationship.

In order to pursue Linda, Raymond sent many SMSes to her, and drove her around, picking her up from work in his Benz.

When Ron Ng filmed [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] with Linda last year, it was rumoured that Ron Ng pried hard at Linda, and the 2 of them were caught having a good time together at Kowloon City Grill, and were taking pictures together in an intimate manner.

In early May this year, before Yue Fu’s Hidden Dragon filming began, she took the opportunity to meet her secret "new boyfriend".

On the 10th of May extended holiday, about 6.30pm, she purposely wore low-key looking attire, and wore little makeup, a black cap,black thick-rimmed glasses, a T-shirt and a black backpack like a common civilian, having 0 celebrity style, and would be difficult to point her out as the TV Queen.

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