Radgrid pagesize not updating

You need a full blown SQL server to get the profiler.I have created a Rad Controls Web Application for my experiments. NET AJAX suite, you will get project templates in Visual Studio, using which you can create a web application.Also in order to trace the SQL Queries executed, I am making use of a open source tool called “Express Profiler” which is available at Code Plex here: I had to use this as I have a SQL Server 2012 express edition and express edition does not come with Profiler option.First, on page load: Fig 7: Entity Data Source – Page Load – Query Trace As you can see we have put in a “SELECT TOP 10” statement in the query.So its not bringing all 2155 records rather only 10 records. We also execute one additional query to get the total record count.So rest of this blog post is all about my observation. Observations: Did two experiments to figure out what was happening.

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As you can see from the above experiments, Rad Grid is intelligent enough to optimize the queries based on the scenario you are dealing with.

Second was to use entity data source instead of SQL data source and look at the query executed at the DB. If not, you can always download from our products page –

For my experiments I am using Northwind Database and in particular Order Details table. So this makes a good candidate to mimic a scenario where you are paging the Rad Grid lets say 10 records per page. You will need that if you want to follow along with this post.

Overview: This blog post is in response to one of the customer queries we received a couple of days back.

One of our India customer called us up and said that they are seeing slowness in couple of pages where they are using Rad Grid.

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