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With online mate selection, “checklist” criteria – such as age, height, racial background, educational attainment, religious views, and so on – become much more important, and the big question mark is whether there will actually be chemistry in person.

My understanding of this research is that online daters are no different from people who have never online dated – or rather, they are no different from those who are “at risk” of online dating, in other words single internet users.

If you’re intrigued about what else Kevin Lewis has to say – how “big data” is (and isn’t) changing what we know about human mate selection – the demographics of online dating – and whether relationships started online are any longer or happier, read on. This is because, for the first time ever, we now have extremely fine-grained records of what the process of searching for and connecting with potential romantic partners looks like.

In the same way that “big data” is revolutionizing other areas of social science, the availability of data from online dating sites has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of human mating.

Of course every dating site wants to tell you that the relationships they produce are happier and last longer than those produced by other sites! ” Though norms have changed a lot – most, if not all, of the stigma has dropped – I think many of us would still prefer to meet our partner the “old-fashioned” way. That said, I think a lot of people realize that if they truly find their life partner, they won’t care much about how. She had a lousy profile that totally didn’t do service to what an extraordinary person she is. We met up in person on a whim and eventually fell in love.

Taking that latter approach, I’ve dated online, using both websites and apps, a few different times in my life.

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