Problems validating email account blackberry

All I get is a spinning circular icon next to the word it’s trying to “verify.” It’s been going on for a half hour or longer now.

All my other apps work fine, I just can’t access anything within Settings.

I was having problems with one of my email accounts in Mail not being able to send mail, so I tried to make some changes to the incoming mail server settings in the Settings app on my i Phone 4S.

However, it appears to be stuck on “verifying” and I can’t exit out of the window or go to any other of my settings within the Settings app.

Sending and receiving email from several email providers is possible in i Cloud Mail.

Without the SMTP email settings, the email client doesn't know how to send mail on your behalf through your i Cloud Mail account.Send and receive email, create and maintain an address book, whether you’re home or on the go.There is no additional charge to use our Frontier Yahoo! Check here to find out how [...] You have different passwords to keep your Frontier services secure.I’ve never had this happen before, or heard of anyone else with the same problem. Hello bagpipeguy If you are having issues with accessing Settings, double tap the Home button and swipe up on Settings to close it completely.Then open it back up and then remove the email account that is having issues and then add it back in.

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