Problems updating software on sharp bd hp20u Chat sex bot

Since Sharp was unkind enough to use the same error message for 'unable to read USB drive' and 'firmware file error' I was wondering if anyone out there has gotten hu8022000to work before I go and buy a new USB drive to try.thanks, leo I went through the EXACT same problem - I tried 3 different flash drives, formatted with FAT & FAT32. *You have to to reset the unit 1st* (I found out after blood boiling frustration) The new firmware should be recognized & can then be installed.That being said, I just dropped it off to be shipped back to the reseller for a full refund so I can get a PS3 instead.I just recently installed my BD-HP20u and went to watch No Country for Old Men when it played all the previews and then when movie time came nothing.The firmware update can be downloaded from the Internet and transferred to the BD-HP20 using a USB flash drive, and once the procedure has been performed, the issue is permanently resolved.Highlight "Yes" and push the "Enter" button to perform the firmware update.So I updated firmware like it says to do with no problem. Tried another disc 30 Days of Night and all of it worked.I don't know if it is just the movie or am I missing something?

hu8022000is alone in the root directory of the USB drive.

It upgraded just fine, even with a bunch of other stuff on the USB drive... Nothing to suggest except maybe a different USB stick?

I got mine to update properly with a borrowed USB stick and resetting the unit just prior to the attempt.

While the update is in progress, do not turn the BD-HP20 off or remove the USB flash drive.

The BD-HP20 automatically restarts when the firmware update is complete.

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