Problems updating peerguardian 2

I have been using PG for few months now, and in the last week or so every time i try to update the lists all of them except for Government give me "Error contacting URL".

i belive this is either an error in the website it self (where the lists are kept) or where PG is trying to get the lists from (wrong URL) i went to a couple of the lists in my browser, and they give me a 404 message.

This article needs an overall revision to put upfront the "original" version of peerguardian, which is still well maintained, and frame all other versions as failing forks (which are indeed discontiued).

jaromil (talk) , 14 September 2015 (UTC) I split up the different versions into their own sub-sections, added more content there around the new features and new references. group_id=131687&atid=721926 This is neither a bug nor an issue.

The reasons behind Valve's addition to the blocklist follows a number of occasions where the organisation posted fake Bit Torrent downloads."It is not valid to make criticisms without full understanding.

As I also say in the article, any IP address can be allowed by right clicking on it and choosing to allow the IP.

If you wish to hear exactly the same argument again you can post on the forums about it.

I use PG2 as my main IP blocker with or safepeer running as backups.

That is neutral (I think), while this is, while an issue people discover, not an actual problem with the application. You're involvement in the project itself is skewing your positioning of this article.

The fact that this program breaks Battlefield 2 and Steam VAC connectivity is a huge concern considering its audience, doubly so because it gives no indication to its gaming audience that it will purposefully break such applications.

The version 2 and Peer Block can in fact be considered forks which have degraded the features and limited the support to Win32 platforms.

On the other hand the Peer Guardian 1 client keeps cross-platform compatibility and is still maintained (last release is March 2015).

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