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I see that my music seems to have been synchronized back to the i Phone, but none of my photos have.

It just takes forever wait for items to copy, then cancels the sync. I had done that with the restore of i OS 8, but for some odd reason it hadn't downloaded all 21,000 photos (only about 3,000), and then hung during synchronization. I am a but puzzled why the storage map on both i Pad and i Phone show almost no photos (violet) but lots of other (yellow).

Many other i OS 11 device users have experienced the same exact situation, and it is because of this, we at Fone Dog have tried and tested ways for you to get your cell phone/camera/gaming/video/business device back into full swing. When that occurs, all your progress is lost and your i OS device (i Phone X, i Phone8/7/6/5, i Pad, i Pod) will effectively be stuck in whichever of the two options it was doing.

Video Guide: How to Fix i Tunes Error 9 or i Phone Error 9 is noted to be not as common or frequent than other errors such as Error 3149, 4013, 4014, 3600 and the like.And lastly, the itunes appears to set up new iphone and woala I opened my phone and done. But the bad news is, all of the files and data were removed. I am also facing the same problem, I got Hello screen and swipe to continue, once I do that it automatically shows Apple screen and again got swipe to unlock, but nothing works from there.Can you please suggest the option to get i OS 9 in my i Phone 4S?This could include hardware or software problems or worst case scenario, a binary code in your registry has been altered.If the latter is true, then you would perhaps need to perform a complete computer recovery.

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