Polyamory married and dating triad

This is called closed poly, meaning the group includes multiple relationships, but there’s an expectation that no one involved is expanding the group.

In open relationships, couples may talk with their primary partner about their outside relationships, or they might decide together that it’s best to keep those exploits to themselves, says Divine.

“People are looking for different experiences and want to meet the needs that aren’t being met in the relationship,” says Divine.

People who want to be poly, “believe you can love multiple people,” says Divine.

In their nature, poly relationships are open, since they involve more than two people.

But not all poly groups are looking to add more people to the dynamic, and aren’t always actively dating.

Being in an open relationship is totally the same thing as being polyamorous, right?

(Asking for a friend...)Actually, while the two share some similar characteristics, they’re very different. T., a sex and relationships therapist in Minneapolis, MN.

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