Oracle cursor for updating every row in same table updating symevent

When you execute DML statements like DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE and SELECT statements, implicit statements are created to process these statements.

Oracle provides few attributes called as implicit cursor attributes to check the status of DML operations.

It may not be the best way to work with a set of data, but if you need to loop row by agonizing row (RBAR) in a T-SQL script then a cursor is one way of doing it.

Note: If you are new to SQL Server and come from an Oracle background, you should know that cursors on SQL Server are different from those on Oracle.

For more information on cursors, also take a look at the free SQL query training provided by Steve Stedman.

In SQL Server the cursor is a tool that is used to iterate over a result set, or to loop through each row of a result set one row at a time.

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