Nonverbal dating

By Jared Sais I have written a lot of articles over the years offering dating advice, but perhaps none as special as this. Maybe you’ll be the first few to know that it is via eye contact. People will gaze into each other’s eyes and not even consciously know.This is what my new book (still in the works) is all about. You may know that eye contact is important, but how long do you look for? I know the exact amount of time that looking into someone’s eyes means uninterested or extreme attraction. I have helped a countless number of clients find true love, I have used it to find true love myself, and now I am using this gift of dating advice to write a book to help the masses.Even when we begin to talk to someone, we're usually engaging in small talk while trying to "figure out" their level of interest.

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Would you be surprised to learn that all of these are wrong? Eye contact is the first thing I observe that will tell me if two people will be a strong match.

If someone is avoiding eye contact, it usually means one of two things - they're not interested, or they're very shy. This is one of the more annoying, but very telling types of non-verbal communication.

Eye contact alone is not enough to determine whether or not someone is interested, but it's a good first indicator. When someone is shifting in their chair, looking around, looking at their watch etc., they are telling you their mind is somewhere else, and that other things are more important than being with you. This is a very strong indicator of where the other person is at.

There's a lot going on in the moment - our senses can be on overload when we're in the presence of someone we're attracted to, and it's easy to misread what they're "saying"... Good eye contact is a sign that someone is showing a certain comfort level.

This could be an inherent comfort with themselves, that they're able to engage eye contact regardless of whom they're talking to, but it can also be a good indicator of interest in you.

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