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Neurolinguistic programming has now been identified as one of a top 10 most discredited interventions according to a published research survey by Norcross et al. As a research scientist, I agree when people say the empirical data is not compelling.However, NLP is indeed useful IF you use it as a kind of roadmap for understanding and using suggestion.

It helps you understand the female mind a little more and shows you new techniques that he’s picked up since the first book.

") rather than trying to work out what's happening.[5] Critics then point and laugh.[6] Neurolinguistic programming has become a subject of discussion in university courses on science and pseudoscience as a prime example of pseudoscience.

Evidence based scientists such as Professor Scott Lilienfeld are concerned about the spread of pseudoscientific ideas and misconceptions about the brain by developments such as NLP. All the replies here seem to be one-sided and I will let you know the other side. Super smart guy: Then read the basics: The Structure of Magic 1 & 2. That's what people have to read to speak intelligently about NLP with Richard Bandler.

and you've got a pretty good mentalist cookbook that's useful for circus tricks were you have the advantage of pre-selecting your targets by suggestability. Because those are the same people that would fall for any other esoteric BS that shrouds itself with sciency words - it's a self fulfilling prophecy reinforced by a sleezy belief system, that pre-selects its targets prior to first contact. I'm sorry you fell for it, but don't go around saying "one sided" and "works for me" - the truth is, everything that works, can be learned from the original authors in a much better quality and with the right context, and everything else is pretentious crap that serves to lock the practitioner in a belief system. NLP has more in common with the books by Carlos Castaneda than with Science.

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