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These are free tips I have picked up along the way that I feel every author should be aware of.Take a look and leave your comments or email me at Kait [email protected] Welcome Goodreads friends!

Slide Show: IGLc Authors and readers are invited to check out these additional links: 1) The Author Resource Round Table on Goodreads: Well add that to the many things he never thought would happen to top of being a team leader, and generally being way over his head. The two of them went back and forth with each other parrying and deflecting each other blows. Jaune and Pyrrha were on the roof with their weapons drawn.E., Abigail, and the nonphysical entity known as, Hermorphious, will seduce you with their frank and humorous discussions about sex, dating and relationships.Through Hermorphious's teachings you will finally discover and understand why your visualizations, affirmations, and even your state of allowing isn't manifesting that ideal relationship. E., Abigail and Hermorphious as they flip the law of attraction on its head and shake out all the loose bull that keeps you from manifesting your ideal mate. This group is dedicated to connecting readers with Goodreads authors.

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