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Mike Goodwine (aka Blackneck Adventures), and he mentioned that we should continue doing these popular fishing lists…and more specifically, that the next “Must Know Fishing List” should be focused on female anglers as they don’t get enough credit in our industry. For decades, the fishing industry has been almost entirely male dominated.We started by asking about a dozen well-known anglers and fishing guides around Florida to tell us what women they would have on the list.And just so you know, we asked both male and female anglers to give their input.She is scared about the changes to come, but Doug is optimistic that they will be able to handle it together.

Doug, who sits outside in the back of the building where the ceremony is performed, makes an offer to Spence to become his new roommate, since he is divorcing Carrie, but later retracts the offer when Holly tells him her story.

But fortunately with the rise of social media (and some Bad to the Bone female anglers), fisherwomen are not only getting some respect these days, they are getting some well-deserved respect. So here it is, the complete list of the must know female anglers (aka Fisherwomen) here in the great state of Florida.

Who are these female anglers and how did they make the list?

Doug later surprises Carrie on board the plane, by greeting her with a gruff "Hello! He also adds that "Deacon's BLT was delicious, as is my revenge." They use the long flight to sort out their problems and remain together.

After getting baby Ming-Mei from the adoption agency, Carrie finds out that she is pregnant.

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