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Astronomers had to find New Horizons’ next target amid a sea of brighter objects.There were times when astronomers started to question whether they’d ever find a second target close enough.And this little robot won’t stop after that next flyby.It will continue its journey at the far fringe of our solar system, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles each day — more than enough to go to the moon and back.

“I actually hope to know by mid-year if there’s anything in that (Hubble Space Telescope) data,” Stern says.

New Horizons co-investigator Simon Porter, also from Sw RI, says that the search that turned up 2014 MU69 only looked for cold classical Kuiper Belt objects, which have distinct orbital characteristics.

He’s now expanding the search to include other worlds, which expands the potential targets.

Beyond Pluto’s popular appeal, the region is scientifically interesting because its home to cold classical Kuiper Belt objects.

These are small worlds that haven’t changed since the dawn of the solar system. Visiting one could help astronomers understand our origins.

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