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He also asked baywatch142000, “what high school do u go to in greensboro,” to which she responded, “Western Guilford.” The two arranged to meet on the evening of Friday, 1 September 2006 in Greensboro after defendant got off work. After defendant left the Fayetteville area on Friday, he kept in touch with baywatch142000 by chatting with her on his cell phone, which had Internet capabilities. At trial, it was revealed that baywatch142000 had been created by Deputy Gordy, a thirty-seven-year-old male employee of the Guilford County Sheriff's Department. Deputy Gordy created the profile for baywatch142000 as part of a law enforcement sting operation designed to catch adults who solicit children on the Internet for purposes of meeting for sexual acts. Roy Cooper, Attorney General, by Caroline Farmer, Deputy Director, N. Department of Justice, and Lindsey Deere, Assistant Special Counsel, for the State. In a section of the profile labeled “latest news,” baywatch142000 wrote, “Actually 14.”Within the first minute of chatting, the following exchange occurred:chris morse: what r u up to toda Ybaywatch142000: JUs hanginout ․ school ․ just got home ․chris morse: coolchris morse: yoru in college thenbaywatch142000: 14chris morse: lol u look like yoru 21 at leastbaywatch142000: wish i was ․Within minutes, defendant sent baywatch142000 the address of his My page, which included his name, address, personal photographs, and information about his service in the military. Chris Randolph Morse (“defendant”) appeals from conviction and judgment of knowingly soliciting a person believed to be a child by computer with intent to commit an unlawful sex act, in violation of N. Her profile also included a photograph of a young blonde woman. The determinant is the point of origin of the criminal intent. When she replied yes, defendant asked about her bra size and what she was doing for the weekend.

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I was hoping for a good time, maybe involving sex or just cuddling. I have chatted with young girls before, but I have never arranged to meet them. In determining whether a defendant is entitled to a jury instruction on entrapment, the trial court must view the evidence in the light most favorable to the defendant. Defendant initially suggested a hotel “with one bed not two.” At one point in the conversation, baywatch142000 commented, “me bein 14 ․ probably wouldnt be good idea to take me back to base․ What u think? So your house would be the best right if your parents go right.” Later in their chat, defendant asked baywatch142000 if she had pubic hair. Baywatch142000 indicated that she did, then told defendant that she was inexperienced and looking for an older “friend.” Defendant responded that she could practice by doing sexual favors for him and asked her to promise that she would give him her virginity. The two chatted until defendant was outside baywatch142000's parent's apartment, at which point defendant asked baywatch142000 to come to the door. A young woman fitting baywatch142000's description opened the apartment door, and defendant entered to find another woman, who identified herself as a local news reporter, sitting in an armchair. A clear distinction is to be drawn between inducing a person to commit a crime he did not contemplate doing, and the setting of a trap to catch him in the execution of a crime of his own conception.

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