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Natali Del Conte Well, I am anchor for CNET TV and I am a correspondent for the CBS Early Show. Dvorak Including Natali Del Conte, the famous now CBS person who is – what’s your – what do we want to refer to you as? That’s one and anything else, anyone looking to rent a condo on Maui, email me. Dvorak And then we have a couple of virgins here for the show in so far as they’ve never been on the show before.

Dvorak Well it’s not quite two seconds but it is something like that. Made out of copper it’s a lot faster than aluminum, and you put the chicken on top of the bottom of the pot because it’s upside down now. Becky Worley Well, they come in different colors, but I just want to show it does not act like your traditional shammy which has the leather like… I actually had one of those things made out of copper. If you take a copper pot and put the chicken – you take it and flip it over. Dvorak …and taking pictures and probably being arrested as we speak. And we’ve got some guests lined up that are –keep you probably I think entertained for the next hour and a half or so. Dvorak So what are your monikers currently that you are going to plug here for?

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