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The incident took place in a busy and vibrant area of downtown Yangon where locals, expats and tourists mix around tables that line the street.

Even late at night the beer and barbeque is in abundance, as are beggars.

Seeking some kyat, a young mother had allowed a tourist to hold her baby boy.

Earlier I had seen the man harassing a street kid as he sat in a group of older and intoxicated male friends.

This incident may illustrate how ill-equipped Myanmar is to deal with this particular type of tourist.

One can speculate as to why others did not respond to this scenario unfolding on a busy Yangon street. In the case of foreigners, perhaps the strangeness of being in a different country can distort understandings of appropriate behaviour and responsibilities.

We need to recognise this emerging problem and understand we are at a critical juncture in time in which there is potential to curtail the development of this dark side of tourism.

The sexual exploitation of children occurs in most societies – too often within our most trusted social institutions.

As for passersby, perhaps the concept of “an-nar” explains why people did not intervene.

As Cambodia opened up following decades of conflict and repression, increasing numbers of child sex exploiters entered with the intention of taking advantage of vulnerable children.

The country in transition presented an alternative to Thailand and the Philippines where authorities were increasingly clamping down on their activities.

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