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Both midgets and dwarfs have to suffer the psychological or social problems associated with their condition.Social prejudice against their extreme height may reduce their social confidence and opportunites.For me it was always the speakers intent that determined whether I should be offended.August 3, 2009, am Guess some of us are politically incorrect.Since the conditions are related to genetic problems, there are few treatments available.Dress enhancements such as shoe lifts etc are some of the few ways to change the aesthetics of little people.Midgets are just normal people whose height is stunted.In the case of dwarfs, the physical conditions affecting them are: malformed bones, nerve compression, joint disease, and disoriented growth of some organs.

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With reference to legends or folklore, a dwarf is considered a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man, who lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure.A dwarf is an extremely short adult who is less than 58 inches tall.The word midget is considered derogatory and offensive.February 27, 2012, pm I am a very short individual and people used to call me "midget" mostly when I was in school.Occasionally, they would use the word "dwarf" but midget sounded funnier to them. It has never bothered me that I am small, nor has it impacted my quality of life unless you consider the inability to buy fashionable clothes a tragedy.

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