Microsoft publisher updating a website

The hardware acceleration function of the operating system relies on up-to-date and compatible display drivers.Note Hardware acceleration that uses the video card is always disabled when Office is running in a Remote Desktop session, and also when the application is started in safe mode.Note If two computers have the same video card/video driver combinations, you may still see a difference in the Office animation features between the two computers if one computer is running Windows 7 and the other computer is running Windows 8.On a computer that is running Windows 7, animations in Office are disabled if the video card/video driver combination appears on the incompatibility list.The best way to update your video driver is to run Windows Update to see whether a newer driver is available for your computer.To run Windows Update based on your version of Windows, follow these steps: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 If your video-related problems in Office were fixed by when you updated your video driver, you do not have to take any further steps.As it's one of the many programs that come with Microsoft Office, there is a good chance you already have Publisher on your computer.It's been included with higher-end copies of Office for almost 20 years, offered as a lightweight alternative to professional layout software such as Adobe In Design.

If your symptom is "Poorly Displayed Text in Office Documents," try the following solutions first.If you still do not see the expected animation on your computer, update your video driver again soon.Microsoft is working with the major video card manufacturers on this issue, and these video card manufacturers will be releasing new video drivers as such drivers are developed.Go to step 2 if updating the video driver does not fix the problems.Note Video card manufacturers frequently release updates to their drivers to improve performance or to fix compatibility issues with new programs.

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