Mia hamm dating

# However, Hamm announced her retirement on 14 May, 2004 after participating in 2004 Olympics.

# She played her last game in 2004 Tour to commemorate US women’s national team’s victory in 2004 Olympics.

As of 2019, her net worth combined with her assets as well as brands endorsed her total net worth to be $ 10 million.

Her annual salary in 2009 was estimated to be over $ 93,000.

# Hamm, along with Michelle Aker, Brandi Chastain and Kristine Lilly, won gold medal at the 19 Summer Olympics.

# In 1999, she was declared as the player to score most international goals for USA. # Hamm participated in four World Cups and three Olympics in her career.

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The list had legends such as Portuguese, Luis Figo, French, Zinedine Zidane, and Argentinian, Diego Maradona to name a few.It was revealed that she purchased a home at the Manhattan Beach in New York that was reported to have cost around 00,000.Hailed as the greatest women soccer player of all time, she won the prestigious FIFA’s World Player of the Year in two consecutive years, 20.She played 49 matches and scored 25 goals for the team before leaving the club in 2003.She created history by becoming the youngest player to play for the US national soccer team at the age of 15.

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