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Yet there is very little masonic literature relevant to this matter. 1743 the Lodge Aux trois Etoiles flamboyantes (Three flaming Stars) in Neuchatel (now in Switzerland, then a Prussian principality) received from the Trs Juste et Parfaite Loge aux Trois Globes (in Berlin) a Warrant dated thus; ...The present paper attempts to arrange masonic dating codes into rough categories and to provide practical methods of deciphering them, that is, converting dates written in a coded way into our present-day chronology. Le neuvime Jour du Cinguime Mois, IAn de notre Style MMDCCLI...

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The new Rite of 33 degrees appeared in the United States at the turn of the 18th century; its Supreme Council at Charleston on 10 October 1S02 appointed a committee to draft a circular letter explanatory of the origin and nature of the Sublime Degrees of Masonry, and their establishment in South-Carolina. It was probably not quite convincing even for Anderson. Etienne Gout in Les Cahiers de IHomme-Esprit, 2-1973, 06240 Beausoleil, France. Even the very competent Alain Le Bihan seems reluctant to decode such datings.

The following explanation should provide further light into these peculiar Masonic customs.

Craft Masonry's calendar commences with the creation of the world and uses the term Anno Lucius (A.

The Scottish Rite date the same as Craft Masons, except for the use of the Jewish Chronology. M.), which means "In the year of the World" is their calendar terminology and adds 3760 to the common time.

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