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I am laid back and fun loving guy, and hanging out with my friends and partying out late is my favorite pastime!Sincere and down to earn, my lady love has to be pure of heart, honest, and a jolly person!A typical day for me starts with a brisk morning jog, a strong cup of coffee and loads of plans for the future! It helps me bring out my creativity in the best way. My perfect man has to be creative, fun and sincere like me!Other than just being an awesome, loving and super fun person to be with, I’m also an adventurist. I want someone creative and caring, if you think you can handle a night out with a woman who can dance to dazzle and can keep you wanting more, drop me a line and leave the rest to destiny.“Hey this is Peter!That being said you’re probably sitting there thinking, ‘I don’t care about society, I care about my relationship with this guy who is obviously not who I thought he was.’ The first thing I would suggest you do is read my article on what a fetish is and how it originates and you can do that . Knowing that a fetish is simply a set of circumstances that came together at the precise right moment in time usually as a pre-adolescent, I want you to understand that for that reason this isn’t something your partner sat down and chose and if it was something they were truly okay with themselves they’d be singing it from the rooftops and not care what others think.There’s a certain amount of shame that comes with these feelings so if you discovered this on your own through evidence around the house then you can understand why he’s been secretive.

Just don’t throw in the towel too quickly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a little knowledge and patience will do for YOU!

Thrill and adventure entice me, and I am always looking for the right man to grow old with; someone that can play the male lead in this theatric production called life. I am 28 years old and I love to meet new people, hang out with friends and do photography. My friends rush to me in the time of there need and I never let them down or disappointed.”They say a picture on its own is worth a thousand words, but I feel that’s an understatement.

A mature, caring man who isn’t intimidated by a strong, intelligent, independent woman would be an appropriate Romeo to this Juliet. And of course, my little princess deserves a guy in her life who not only looks out for her mother, but is fun, easygoing and loving at the same time! I’m a professional photographer and I love to capture beauty with a creative eye. Words could never match the sheer beauty out there, all ready and waiting to be photographed.

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