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The matchmaking service is popular in Southeast Asia and is already responsible for 125,000 lunch dates — with an 85% match rate — and many more to come.

Lunch Actually’s typical singles are similar to the colleagues Violet worked with during her time at Citi Bank.

Violet later heard about the concept of lunch dating while she was traveling outside her home country.

Then she wondered, if her single colleagues wanted to date but didn’t have time to do it, why not meet other singles over their lunch break? “Lunch is short, sweet, and simple,” said Violet, the Co-Founder and CEO of Lunch Actually.

While the matchmaking service’s singles hail from many different professions, they typically share one trait: their work ethic.

Even if they had to work late into the evening — too late for a traditional dinner date — these busy professionals would still make time for lunch.“I found that rather curious, especially since most of them were eligible and attractive,” Violet said.“So, I decided to dig deeper.” She found the reason her colleagues weren’t dating was that they were too busy.Violet told the story of one of these unexpected couplings.Chris, a lawyer, was paired up with Ben, a juggler and unicyclist.

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