Lrs dating

Despite his rude facade, he seems to have a bit of a soft side that has been brought out time and time again by Sadie and Steven. At times, Lars may have been a coward such as when he ran away from the potluck out of fear during "The Good Lars" and when he failed to help Sadie who was in danger from Topaz in "I am My Mom".During the events of "I Am My Mom" and "Stuck Together", Lars reveals that he feels like a "wuss" and doesn't understand why Steven thinks that he is capable of doing anything. It is for these reasons of low self-esteem that Lars puts on his facade in the first place.

When Steven returned to Earth, Lars became very close with the Off Colors during their travels in an attempt to return to Earth.

Lars' desire to maintain such a prestigious image came to a point where he would rather skip work to hang out with the Cool Kids, lying to Sadie in the process in order to do so.

At the core, Lars isn't a mean person even though he puts on an act that makes it seem like he is one.

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