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But secretly I was screaming for someone to help me. In the past few years I have had to ask myself many times why this is? Why, when I talk about my marriage ending, do people glaze over? They back away suddenly to an errand they had forgotten needed their urgent attention.

I didn’t know how to ask and I was too afraid of judgment. Or worse, they get preachy or angry at me, as if I am some kind of leper who still has the audacity to think they can continue to be part of society. Slowly, I’ve managed to let go of my own anger, disappointment and hurt and come to realise that these reactions are because there is one hugely popular narrative for the breakdown of marriage and it’s not one of understanding.

* Just to let you know I see absolutely nothing sinful about cohabitation.

I won’t tell you the reasons why, because every marriage that ends has its own reasons and they are all painful and sad.

This story is okay if you have some distance from it but you certainly don’t want it coming around for a cup of tea and crying on your shoulder asking for empathy. I have heard myself talking, wishing for me to please shut up as I got entangled in the drama of it all and knowing I am selling something that shouldn’t even be for sale. Nothing ever did and perhaps that was because most of my energy was taken up with pretending everything was okay while being a working partner in the business and raising two kids.

I zombie-walked through days, then paced my room all night.

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Your new rights In your new relationship, you should be aware that you do not have the same rights as a married couple and the law is very different.This bitter divorce storyline has become the standard for all of us because it is perfect at providing high-octane drama for TV, film and books.The basic narrative is this – a marriage breaks down, both parties hate each other.Whilst I am certainly not qualified to give dating tips, I have seen first-hand the impact that new relationships can have on the divorce process, sometimes railroading what was once a smooth and amicable path.There are also a number of legal implications you must consider and it is these that I focus on below.

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