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Cody described it as "the most up and down night of my life" because his car broke down while he was on his way to pick her up.

, Wills Reid commented on how close Demi Burnett and Derek Peth were getting, saying, "They already seem like they're boyfriend and girlfriend basically." However, viewers know that relationship is destined to fracture at some point. Whether Demi realized she wanted to be with her and asked producers if she could come or the girlfriend contacted producers because she wanted to win Demi back is not yet unclear, but what is very clear is how much Demi likes this woman.

You may know him as Miley Cyrus' older half brother, and back when Demi and Miley were good friends, she had a brief relationship with the former Metro Station member.

He told People back in 2009 that they gave it a shot but ultimately parted ways.

Cody opened up to Seventeen in 2008 about one of his dates with the singer.

In her documentary Simply Complicated, Demi revealed that she thinks her heart will always be with Wilmer.

When Demi overdosed this past summed, Wilmer was seen at the hospital multiple times. They were seen holding hands in public, posting pictures with each other, and their relationship seemed pretty stable.

Of course, the Texas native has never shied away from drama, but what seems most significant this season is who Demi is dating in 2019. As expected, Demi hasn't posted about any potential romantic interests on social media; that would kind of spoil the season, and contestants are sworn to secrecy about what happens until after fans have had a chance to see for themselves.

But even though her relationship status is, for now, a mystery, Demi showed her making out with a woman — a pretty huge deal for a franchise that's been largely heteronormative."I just know that I love this girl," Demi says in the promo.

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