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“Our program started out of popular demand,” explains Tina Williams, outreach services manager of the White Oak Library District (which includes Romeoville, Lockport and Crest Hill, Ill.) She’s been running the two-hour dating class titled “Dating Over 50: Have Fun, Be Safe” on the last Friday of each month at the Romeoville branch since 2017, and a few times a year at the other two libraries in the district.

Williams recently proposed the course to several other branches, hoping to reach more isolated older adults interested in meeting others.

To empower single older adults, the library dating classes review red flags that everyone should look out for.

They also explain relevant terminology such as “catfishing” (when someone pretends to be someone they are not) and what it means to “get spammed” (to receive non-stop messages and junk mail).

The event was a hit, and has been repeated four times since.

Cubero came up with the idea of offering a digital dating workshop in time for Valentine’s Day last year called .In the classes, app users are also strongly encouraged to share the name and address of where they are meeting someone from a dating site with a trusted friend or relative.Cubero’s support of online dating extended well beyond the course offering: Patrons privately asked for her help and opinion on their profiles on a daily basis during her tenure at the Westport branch.There’s no need to cringe when a baker says, “I’ll cook dinner tonight.” 2. Skill at kneading dough to perfection can come in handy during a back rub after a stressful day. Bakers have a good sense of proportion—in the kitchen and in a relationship.They understand that too much or too little of any essential ingredient can spoil an otherwise perfect creation. Someone who spends their time perfecting the alchemy of turning humble ingredients into golden delicacies may be more open than most to the mystery of romantic magic. Bakers understand that dough is just dough until it is fire-tested in the oven—and they can “stand the heat” of a growing relationship without feeling the need to “get out of the kitchen.” 6. Bakers know that a delicious pastry contains some ingredients that are unappetizing on their own. Bakers love it when their food receives appreciation and praise—and will reward you with even more delicious treats. An experienced baker knows that sometimes their recipes fall flat—and they aren’t afraid to start over. Bakers are patient, never abandoning a new loaf until it has been in the oven the proper amount of time. Bakers have excellent taste—they know what they like and stick with it.

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