Letters of updating sales tax exemption

Pageants, food kitchens, holiday craft shows, toy collections, bake sales, and other activities send volunteers bustling to the stores for supplies.

During the helter-skelter of the holidays, it’s sometimes difficult to remember the rules regarding sale tax exemptions. Generally, if the organization buys and sells personal property but does not make a financial profit, it would be classified as a nonprofit corporation.

• To receive an Indiana sales tax exemption, the organization must file a Nonprofit Application for Sales Tax Exemption (Form NP-20A) and annually file a Nonprofit Organization’s Annual Report (Form NP-20) with the Indiana Department of Revenue.

If a qualified non-profit organization sells items for 30 days or less during a calendar year (it doesn’t matter if days are consecutive or not), sales will be exempt from Indiana’s seven percent sales tax.

To apply for an entity exemption certificate is a two-step process.

First you will be directed to Ks Web Tax to log into the system.

To register as a nonprofit and qualify to receive sales tax exemptions, the organization must: • Secure a nonprofit, or tax-exempt, status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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Please note, most non-profit organizations are required to file an annual report with the Kansas Secretary of State's Office.

After logging in to the Ks Web Tax site, you will be forwarded to the certificate page.

You can also access a certificate that has been issued to the entity.

Any exemption certificate issued to a tax exempt entity contains an expiration date.

Expired exemption certificates are not valid for claiming exemptions from sales tax when making purchases from retailers.

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