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The singer asks the public to help them sing a song, it’s the awesome “Elephant” with its addictive rumbling rhythm from beginning to end.And well when they play “Feels Like Going Backwards” you just remain speechless for its supreme beauty, wow!Their music is aggressive, but don’t get me wrong, it’s aggressive in a good way!They both give everything, Steven banging hard on his drums creating a rumbling sound and Laura-Mary playing cool chords on the guitar and singing.

Hot Chip, Tent Stage, 9pm-10pm In the line of Jungle, Hot Chip also mix in a sort rock with electro stuff. They make the Tent Stage dance like crazy to their electronic music.

Pond, Tent Stage, 5pm-6pm The Australian band Pond sets fire to the Tent Stage with its cool indie-rock mixed with psychedelic sounds in the line of their co-nationals Tame Impala, with which they actually share three members.

The four young guys play guitars, keyboard, drums and bass guitar.

While singer Tom Meighan sits in front of the drums his legs crossed waiting for the audience to sing, and it does work!

Their newer songs taken from their album have an electro imprint more than their previous songs.

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