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After hearing what Anthony Ivo says and knowing she has to do anything to survive she agree to help and for the next year she helps him and the crew of the Amazo.

A year later helping the Anthony Ivo and the crew of the Amazo they come upon Lian Yu looking for The Miracle.

After slightly making Oliver Queen believe she is helping him only for it to be a trick ordered by Anthony Ivo to get information about the location of Shado and Slade Wilson out of him.

However before The Captain nearly kills Oliver Queen she convinces him to spare Oliver Queen's life which he does along with telling him he's going back to The Island.

The crew and ship attacked The Island but came in the conflict with Oliver Queen, Shado and Slade Wilson.

After two brief battles they eventually take Oliver Queen prisoner aboard the ship and The Captain of the Amazo begins to question and torture him.

For some she was a loyal and faithful Member of the group until two events changed her loyalty to the group one the aftermath of learning what happened after she assassinated and killed some for the group and finally learning about The Event of The Undertaking that nearly destroyed her home town of Starling City.

After that she left and abandoned the group and returned home to watch over her family from the shadows.

Some of her the people she helps and save quickly take notice of her one being Sin who she becomes close friends with the other being Roy Harper who she saves after he was overwhelmed by attackers who he prevented from attacking an innocent woman.During her high school years, Sara was bullied by some of her classmates because she was stealing one of her classmate's boyfriends.The often occurrences of her getting bullied caused behavior issues from Sara, and her grades to drop.She quickly gains notice by the people of The Glades for her work as a new vigilante of the city.After watching over her family she soon learns her big sister has plan to capture Green Arrow who she knows is real her Former Boyfriend Oliver Queen which she figured out about his vigilante actives during her time away.

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