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She says that as a songwriter, you can be aware that what you've written is good (at least from your own perspective) and could be even better given the right platform, but there's no tangible way of knowing you've written one of the most popular songs of the year.She says, "With 'New Rules,' what is so exciting about the fact that it’s doing well is I’ve been encouraged, when I first got to L.And whether or not they’re fully paying attention to the lyrics, they’re still subconsciously internalizing them.So I just think music is really powerful and you have to consider that when you’re writing.' 30 Under 30 In Music list, and the song is the first solo female number 1 single in the U. since Adele's “Hello," so safe to say there was plenty of space for a song like this to exist.

" So what goes behind the creation of such an anthem?"I’m really hesitant to write super sexualized songs unless it’s something that I’ve actually felt," she says."And I just feel like ‘New Rules’ is just a cool example of that because we were not thinking about, ‘OK, what’s going to work? ’ It was just a true story that Caroline had gone through, so it made it easy to write about that."Warren adds some of the successful music she hears that sexualizes women shocks her.It’s packed with information, people can totally handle it, and people are singing along.So, as writers, I think we should all be pushing ourselves to actually talk about things in music because the world is so f*cked up right now and to not address it is kind of crazy." In this same vein, she's hyperaware of her responsibility to create music that isn't demeaning toward women.

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