Kitty katswell dating dudley puppy fanfiction

That was when they bumped into Eric, the water delivery guy."Oh no, not this guy again..." Katrina muttered in a whisper so Kitty or Eric wouldn't hear her."What is he doing here?

" Kitty asked, knowing what the answer would be."Well, no. You'd be better off not marrying Eric, and I'm saying this because I don't want him to hurt you!

"When the kids heard Dudley's voice, they hopped off of Kitty before Dudley jumped on her, chasing after the runaway chew toy!

At one point, Snaptrap backed towards a button that he pressed, and he was in an escape pod. " the Chief yelled at Dudley and Kitty, breaking up their slap-fight. "Then Snaptrap exposed the statue to moonlight, and the rats in the wharf were under the spell.

" George asked."I don't like the look of this." Summer said, looking away from the slap-fight."STOP IT! " Summer panicked, clinging to Kitty in fear."This never would've happened if I had a cape." Dudley said."Like a cape would prevent this." George said. When the lights came back on, they were all tied together, and they all had cheese on their heads, and it covered their eyes."I smell cheese. Then Snaptrap came in and started explaining what he was going to do, but he was interrupted when Kitty and the children said, "We get it!

Hope it's still good.)It was a fair day in the city of Petropolis, except for the fact that F. " Katrina reminded her."And did Dudley say what it was?" Katrina said."What makes you think he's going to hurt me? " Katrina told her."Why do I even bother talking to you? " Kitty said as she left the room."You're the impossible one!" Kitty asked."Maybe that's what Dudley wanted to tell you." Katrina said."Katrina, that was a long time ago! " Katrina yelled, but Kitty probably didn't even hear her. Well, Dudley and the Katswell twins just got back to T. It was just to lure some bad guys into a trap." Kitty told him."In that case, would you like to run away with me to Kitaly and be my queen? agent cheered, but two of them were not cheering, and who should they be but Katrina and Dudley. " Dudley asked himself."Kitty, nice to see you again. He was referring to the time Dudley and Kitty fake-married in order to stop Snaptrap and the Chameleon from stealing wedding presents."Oh, we didn't really get married.

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