Katt williams internet dating rating

Seeing Katt Williams on the cover made me want to see it since he's the hot commodity in comedy these days.But I kind of blanched after seeing Master P's name as director.Our shipping centers are continuing to send and receive DVDs, so your movies will be processed as usual and you may be able to instantly watch movies on an intermittent basis.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The sound is awful, as if they had no mic attachments, they were merely going off the echoes of the walls?

A whole lot of comics appear in parts that could have greatly benefited from the participation of real actors.

It's kind of a shame because this should be something that Williams should be proud to put on his resume as a star comic but it looks like something he did while he was in high school.

The story wasn't completely original, nor entertaining enough to keep my interest. A very dedicated fan, which is why I initially decided to watch this flick...

After about 20 minutes, I removed the film from my player. so it isn't a bias remark, the film was just awful.

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