Katharine mcphee dating

Singer, actress, and banged out old slutbag Katharine Mc Phee shows off her nude titties while sunbathing topless on a yacht in the candid photos below.Based on the decrepit lifeless corpse decomposing next to her in these pics, Katharine appears to be on the set of a remake to the 1989 classic comedy “Weekend ..

Rumours of a possible relationship have been circling David Foster and Katharine Mc Phee for a few weeks.Katharine Mc Phee has a horrible new TV show out that will surely be canceled in 2 weeks called “Smash”.To gain attention for this piss poor excuse for entertainment, Katharine Mc Phee used the novel Hollywood marketing technique of taking slutty pictures.Katharine Mc Phee flaunts her hard nipple pokies while in a bikini on the beach celebrating her upcoming wedding to music producer David Foster.Forget Katharine’s blasphemous bare female flesh in this bikini for a minute, the really offensive thing about these pics is her sickening unnatural relationship with this man. “Scorpion” star Katharine Mc Phee flaunts her dumpy ass in a thong bikini while on vacation in Mexico in the candid photos below.

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