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My Gold’s Gym has quite a few women who compete in physique competitions. Once you’ve had some time to train alongside them and talk to them, you get a sense of some of their body insecurities (we ALL have them).One thing I’ve heard (several times) is women who wish their legs were longer. Beauty can come from a woman’s personality/demeanor, too.Since we’re in the eye area, we have to mention pink elephant in the room, probably one of the biggest ones on this entire list, the double eyelid!In Japanese they say “Futae (二重 – ふたえ) or Futae Mabuta (二重まぶた – ふたえまぶた)”Why is the double eyelid a biggie?

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Looking at so many different, beautiful Asian faces made me think about another post I did about "The Eight Standards of Japanese Beauty." Seeing how the faces so many of the "glamorous" photos in this quiz are eerily similar, I wonder if the list of Japanese beauty standards I observed, applies to Chinese and Korean beauty as well. We all have different faces, different cultures and even different imperfections.Since coming here in 2008, I’ve gotten to have some downright fascinating discussions about Japanese culture and why certain aspects of the culture are the way they are.A subject that’s been discussed and rehashed, time and time again, is Japanese beauty.Generally it’s younger women who wear them, or who sit on the train and glue them on, but if they look fake, doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?Again some aesthetic features are universal and eyelashes ( are one of them. S., Europe and countless other countries use mascara to make thicker, fuller, curlier lashes.

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