Is angelina jolie still dating brad pitt

These glimpses into the family were few and far between, as the A-list parents give few interviews, don’t use social media and rarely make public appearances with their children.

However, the couple has often spoken about their kids.

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Anyone who's followed the star's career can likely remember when Maddox, who is now 17 (!

Vivienne Marcheline (in honor of Angelina’s mum Marcheline Bertrand, who died in 2007) and Knox Leon arrived in July 2008.

Like Shiloh, the newborn babies graced a magazine cover in a deal with Hello!

Ensembles aside, though, it's obvious through their facial features and general demeanors alone that they're all growing up and coming into their own.

While Pax and Maddox both put on serious faces, the younger ones showed off their beautiful smiles.

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