Is amy from miss advised dating kevin

Now he’s asking her what advice she gives people when they first start dating.

I really felt good about myself.” He’s going to invite her to his place soon!

“He’s the nicest guy I’ve met in a long time.” Back to Planet Insanity.

She’s going to try to be herself for once, and not even Facebook stalk him!

They’re talking about their sexual expectations of one another. Amy gets up for a bit, but it looks like Old Man David has fallen asleep, before midnight, while they’re both still fully clothed.

“So elegant, so beautiful,” Kevin says, “but just as beautiful in your workout wear.” He is really fawning over her now.

Hopefully she can get some tips from Donk on how to ward one off.

I think it’s occurring to her she’s got a potential Stage Five Clinger on her hands.

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OMG she is mentioning how all she wanted was to meet her future husband. Now she is trying to focus on the fact that she has a closeknit circle of frenemies that she can turn to. She’s saying Jelly D has given her tons of material, but she doesn’t want to get into it because it’s so painful and she doesn’t want to expose it to the world. UPDATE: Back to Amy setting up her friend with the Chubby Grifter. Now they’re telling Amy all about their wonderful date. I don’t understand the point of this entire segment. Her eyelashes are once again out of fucking control. UPDATE: Now they’re going to try to set JA up with a middle-school teacher. “Math teacher wasn’t exactly on my checklist, but maybe I should give this guy a shot.” The poor, poor teacher. guys “OBO” — “or better offers” — without mentioning that is exactly her MO.

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