Intimidating your boss

Example: I know the team appreciates your weekly emails to everyone in the department acknowledging those who have exceeded their sales quotas.However, I feel hurt and embarrassed when my name is repeatedly not on the list, because of what you have described as a clerical error when typing your email.Now, if you’re boss has got you stressed, check out these workplace stress-busters. It’s usually a technically proficient, highly competent person.They’re wonderful people, but they can’t defend themselves.Signs of a jealous boss include belittling your accomplishments, constant needling, unfair criticism, withholding information, ignoring your comments in meetings and assigning you unimportant projects that won’t catch the eye of higher-ups in the company.Until a better job offer comes along, do what you can to get along with an envious boss.Say, look at how this person is responsible for turnover, difficulty in recruiting and absenteeism costs. Then if the company cannot make you safe, it’s time to move on. Keeping it a secret from them is not good for your mental health.

Your feedback helps me focus my energies on what you consider most important to achieving a successful outcome.

One who has zero problem denigrating you in front of other people or rants like Howard Beale on meth. Also, when crunch time’s over and a project is complete, they can turn it off and celebrate.

Other people have time to fix mistakes and are forgiven for small infractions.

Of course, none of us can afford to lose your livelihood. But nobody deserves cardiovascular disease because of a damn paycheck. You often need someone to say, “Bob’s an idiot, get another job.” Don’t isolate.

Working for a boss who resents you for excelling at your job is a crazy-making experience.

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