Intimidating saurus rex

Broadmore explained, "To put crocodile scales on a dinosaur is ludicrous, but it makes it look cooler and gives it an older-fashioned Ray Harryhausen-esque look." When the V-Rex design was finalized, it received further changes in the sculpting period, particularly it was given a waist.Sculptor Bill Hunt explained the decision saying, "Our dinosaurs have been isolated, and they've had an extra sixty-five million years of evolution.

The matriarch boasts heavy scarring on the muzzle and is the oldest of the three with wrinkly, sagging skin and her torso and tail hanging lower than her hips.These groups worked together to take down large prey, but with little coordination.At puberty these herds began to disperse, as their burgeoning size made jungle hunting difficult.During their hunting excursions, it was not uncommon for younger individuals to sharpen their hunting skills by following the adults and getting quick meals from leftover carcasses.Ambitious young V-Rexes, eager to stake their claims to Skull Island, would take advantage of the older bulls' absences to move into unprotected territory.

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